Grow further beyond Language and Culture Barriers


TaskLighting Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive support to the clients who are targeting the Japanese market to explore business. 

Are you struggling for better communication and want to avoid miunderstanding with Japanese people?  

TaskLighting not only just gives you suggestions but aslo works together with you.

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of marketing and sales in Vietnam and Japan, together with a wide business network, we put ourselves in your shoes and help you achieve your sales objective.

We believe that by crossing language and cultural barriers, sustainable business environment can be created for you to reach your goal.

Our Services

Your would like to approach your targetting Japanese potentials for some specific task?

You would need suggestions on effective marketing ideas attracting Japanese market?

We will proactively and creatively work with your team, and furthermore, we will contact your clients as a sales force on your behalf.

We will help your staff to acquire communication skills with Japanese, by not only teaching them Japanese language, but also by having them learn Japanese-style business manners.

Curriculum will be customized based on our original textbooks according to your team’s level and your goal.

We translate your website and marketing materials into natural, appropriate and powerful Japanese. Adding Japanese would be particularly effective for your corporate website, but Japanese wordings that just rely on a translation tool will not be sophisticated enough to appeal for viewers.
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